Introducing Space conditioning systems

I like to introduce my new developed concept where we mould space in a way to impact our physical environment including ourselves. This concept is based on Schappellers Primary Physics and explains all unexplained energy gains, marked as radiant energy. None of the devises will allow you to measure any values but you will measure the impact in our physical secondary physics world. Example would be a faster recharging rate of accumulators or capacitors. Faster chemical reaction in mixtures or faster biological activity in living organisms. It dates back to the construction of the pyramids where geometric forms and global positions, aligned to stars constellations did yield energy difficult to explain. It is related to all phenomenon we have no explanation for. The Joe Cell, glowing magnetism. the Rotoverter. I will walk you through the construction of every devise and will analyse measurable results compared to none active space measurements. A brief presentation is available on youtube here.